Friday, July 24, 2015

Children's Valley Hospital's Commission

So excited to show you the finished work! Here is the series that was commissioned by the wonderful Children's Valley Memorial Hospital, the theme is "Space".

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Community Works Insitute, West @ Otis College

Last week I had the opportunity to be a part of the Community Works Institute, Service Learning West Coast workshop. This was an intensive 40 hours of presentations, dialogue, reading, discovering, and interaction with people from all over the world! Here are a few snippets from the week.

First day, getting to know each other a bit. Together we created a quilt with our squares.

Paula from LAUSD gave a great talk about gardening and making it happen and connecting each other. The next day we went to the LA 'River', where I learned so much about the past, present and future of this land. Just crazy! We had the great fortune to get to see this side and then to venture to a part of the river that has flourished!

Below is an image from our first presentation, Christina Sanchez with The Conina Abierta Collective check out some of the great work they are doing {here}.

What can I say about this... SPARC! Which is the Social and Public Art Resource Center!
"The seed of SPARC’s vision is the Mexican social mural movement, especially as expressed by David Alfaro Siqueiros: “We repudiate so-called easel art and all such art which springs from ultra-intellectual circles, for it is essentially aristocratic. We hail the monumental expression of art because such art is public property.” What follows below is an abridged form of an article by SPARC’s Artistic Director and Founder, Professor Judith F. Baca, written in 2001, entitled Birth of a Movement. In the article she describes how the ideals of the Mexican social mural movement inspired Los Angeles muralists in the 1970’s and how her work painting murals with at-risk youth formed the basis of the first city-wide mural program and eventually led to the creation of SPARC." -SPARC website {here}

What was real exciting for me was just being there. As an undergraduate of CSU, Monterey Bay's Visual and Public Art program, it was like coming home. This is so exciting to be here, in LA, and an MFA Public Practice Grad student at Otis College.

It was an amazing week and one of the ideas that stood out to me, is that service learning is a way of life. I want to make the world a better place utilizing art. I want to connect communities and people together, no matter how small or large. Thank you so much CWI and Otis. This is an exciting time to be, right here.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mobile Mural Lab :: July 4th

Pretty sure this was the best Fourth of July's of my life. I had the great opportunity to work with Mobile Mural Lab (MML), check out their amazing work {here} and {here}. MML creators are David Russell  and Roberto Del Hoyo. Both artists obtained their MFA in Public Practice from Otis. This was an amazing introduction to Los Angeles and their true love to make things happen and have a great time working together! Check it out! The pieces everyone's working on will be placed in different areas in Grand Park.

Here is my paint station where I get to meet and serve hundreds of people to paint! I was in heaven!

After all the amazing painting and community connection I watched fireworks with a few thousand people. Just so amazing! Be well my friends!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Otis College of Art and Design

In case we do not follow each other on FB or IG.

It is not everyday, or every month or ever I have the opportunity to write to you and say, I'm going to go to Otis College of Art and Design! In less than seven days I will be venturing from Santa Cruz to Santa Monica. Starting August 31st I will be at Otis working on my MFA in Public Practice here is a link to the faculty page: here.

Suzanne Lacy co-founded the Visual and Public Art program I received my undergraduate degree in at CSU, Monterey Bay. To be able to have this opportunity to further my public practice in this vein, is just beyond amazing.  Stay tuned.

love and hugs,

Friday, January 16, 2015

What A Year!

Wait, really!?! I haven't posted since October! Well, no doubt I have been a busy bee! More info to follow, but for now, check out the 2014 Year in Review!! XO

Here is to a growing 2015!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Santa Cruz Open Studios

This month of beautiful October weather, here on the Central Coast, was the 2014 Open Studios. This was my second year opening up my studio at the 17th Avenue Studios in Live Oak to the public to check out what I have been working on, inside and out.

This years Open Studio was an amazing experience. Being able to have deep conversation about community building, digging deep inside of ones self, and have some humor in this journey of life. The colors of this work are amplified. There is much more freedom and movement in the pieces as well. The combination of the Robots with the abstraction is a success. Editing down the work for the show was also a real important part. To let each piece, that made it into the 'best work' really sing. To allow people to interact with each piece and let them feel the power and energy that comes with each piece. The best part about being able to open up my studio to hundreds, dare I say thousands of people is the opportunity to talk and laugh with them. To bring a little piece of joy, love and happiness to everyone that walks into the door is really such a gift. So thank you if you were able to make the journey to the studio to see the new work and connect. I am here year round!