Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend @ Margo's

I starting processing about this painting about a week and a half ago, and finally, i couldn't stand it anymore. I just wanted to paint it out. Well once i got into the studio and things started to happen, i realized this piece will take me a little longer than I initially thought it would. Just more painting for me, and what could be bad about that? Painting in this, shall i say, cross hatch style has freed my brain up in a way i never thought possible. I am able to concentrate on color and shape, exactly what i lust for everyday.

Well, this weekend came in with a refreshing hang out of the Octopi Collective. A few of us were able to glide our schedule together, make some food, hang out, and talk all things art.
I really love the Octopi Collective and everything we stand for. So this potluck night was awesome and the conversation was deep and magical. ha. Here are a few photos from the Thursday night event.

This photo courtesy of Nic Coury.

Here are two images of the newer work actually hanging on walls....

Onward to the weekend, I went to an opening in Salinas, and saw an amazing show. Here are just a few images from the event. There was an amazing opera singing with an equally extravagant outfit for the opening of the show.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Encaustic Work

As promised, here are the close up photographs of the work hanging on the walls of Miriam's Cafe. This my most recent encaustic painting. I had such an awesome time creating to work for the show.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Showing @ Miriam's Cafe

I have been extremely productive in and out of the studio. This past Thursday J.R. Uretsky and I had an opening reception at Miriam's Cafe. This is the coolest organic coffee shop in town with the coolest art in town. So here are a few shots of the hanging and a few shots of the well attended event. Thank you to everyone that was able to make it to the event. All the work is for sale, expect for one encaustic piece that was inspired by Miles Conrad.

Chris really really loves the way Jamie constructs her pieces, he jut cant get enough.

O, snap, chicken pox...well now, we need a large scale painter...o, wait.....

annnnnnd the work continues.......

And that was that. Now, onward to the party. I cant thank Miriam enough for opening her space for us and throwing an amazing event. If you are ever in Monterey, on Lighthouse, go to her cafe, she makes amazing mochas and tasty bagel treats!

And that is a wrap. Images of the work, close up, will be on the good ol blog shortly. As that is processing, read an interview I had with the Kathleen McMahon Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco.

New Acrylics

So, here I am, I showed you the last acrylic painting, that was initially inspired by a SF jewelry maker I met during my opening reception for the "Water is Gold" show at the Kathleen McMahon Fine Art Gallery. Well here is my second piece for the series. I have already started to work on another one, that I am so jazzed about. I have a vision in my head for this series, and I have the canvases all lined up and ready to roll. I cant wait to get into the studio again.