Sunday, November 23, 2008

Artful Days

It all starts with the Monterey Muesum of Art's Miniatures which is always a great event to see local and emerging artists. MMA is also showing Susan Manchester in the Monterey Now Gallery.

Painter Paul and K* standing in front of Paul's pen and ink mini. Great Job Paul!

MMA, was just a little too packed for me, so after an hour I squeezed my way out of the what seemed to be a sardine can, out into the world. Where i took this picture, of Colton Hall, California's first Constitution was drafted there in October 1849.

And away I went. I found myself at Monterey Live and listened to The Silent Comedy. Totally rad band. So I proceeded to dance my brains out with my great friend K*.

Friday was such an awesome day and I had sucha relaxing Friday night while at the Alternative Cafe listen to Ryan Bisio. It was the most perfect way to end the week.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Labor, The Land & Love of Country

This Saturday was my first group showing in Carmel Valley. I am currently showing at the Wild Heart Gallerie, 3 Pilot Rd. This show turned out very awesome. I was so excited to see such a diverse range of work. I also was excited to see a fellow member of IEA, Ruth Gooch. So this time there are TWO encaustic artist. It is always great to see the wide range of this medium which is why I think so many people love working with it. Your imagination is the only thing that stops you from what you can produce with wax. So here are a few shots of the event. The show is running until December 15th most of the work is for sell and is created by artists all over California. Thank you Wild Heart and great job. I arrived at the gallerie early and took some photos of the work before the gallerie got nice and cozy.

This was a great opportunity for studiomargo. I met cool artists from around California. After this was time to celebrate, off to Carmel Beach to get a last glimpse of the sun on this sun kissed day. Enjoy the photos. Email if you are interested in the gallerie hours.

Busy Bee. Where's the Wax?

well, where do i start, really. I have been doing real well with producing. I can thank it all to the gnomes. Without the gnomes, the studio would be in the same space. And well, right now take a gander, It feels great in there. I actually want to go in there and spew creation all over. Now, I need to invest in lights. Im getting there, all in due time. Dont tell me how to cut my carrots. Thanks Gnomes!

So, with that work came time for the beach. What a nice Marina day, the fog was setting in, and the mud was...everywhere. I had a relaxing time and here are a few shots that I hope inspire you.

And if this image above isnt a sign for the work I am creating right now, i really dont know what else is. I was just so stoked when I made the connection.

A walk back into the misty Marina sea tasting air. O' how wonderful.

So what is next you might ask. Well, I am happy to say, that what is next, is progression. Here are some photographs of my newest acrylic work. I finished the large more fall color palette this Thursday, and wow it feels great.

O man, I finished her, it feels great, now mind you, that this photo that your looking at, really, is not showing how cool it is in person. It took a long time to create because of the scale, 48" x 24" as well as the stroke i am using for this piece which the brush is, well, very small. Below are the other works in this 'Untitled Response' series. I believe it is very important to be able to show a series, and create a series. It is also very important for an artist to be multifaceted in a variety of mediums.

So with that multifaceted mumbo-jumbo, Mater hasnt been the happiest little camper. I have been so involved in my painting, that i let my tank reach an all time high salinity levels which made Mater's a-non, pretty....miserable. Sorry mater.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Margo @ Wild Heart

Just to let everyone know. I am showing in a group showing from November 15th to Dec 12th at the Wild Heart Gallerie in Carmel Valley Village. I will be showing three encaustic painting that have not shown before. This is a very exciting time for studiomargo.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Octopi Collective Meeting

Octopi Collective met up this past Wednesday to discuss, interact, and critique. This was two and a half hours of non stop discussion with everyone. The Octopi is about to hit their one year mark from their first showing together in February. We have grown so much since this idea of a fresh out of college collective started. My favorite part about the collective is that everyone is so different, we have painters, photographers, paper cutters, digital kids, fabric sculptors, collagers, drawers, glass blowers, curators and singers and just a wealth of talent, passion, and drive. We are rockin Monterey County, there is no doubt about that. Now that we have our first show at the National Steinbeck Center locked and loaded, the collective is on an all time high. Here are some images for our absurdly productive meeting.

Nic created a word list about our next theme for an up coming show. Carnal. Thanks Nic.

First up is Sarah, she mainly does real cool collage and painting. We showed together this past summer at the Carmel Art and Wine Festival. She has a plethora of vintage photographs which she is going to do something really rad with.

K* is working on a new series of work. Fabric and all things touchable are her medium. She has gone in a new direction with her work and it is amazing to see her develop and hone in on her art. Yes, Art and her have been spending a large amount of time together and you can tell. Nice job K* cant wait to see more.

J.R. Uretsky, whom I showed with in the month of October, you have seen her work. This is her new stuff. She is being inspired by cleft palettes using everyday material. Very interesting, using such machine factory created objects to show such an organic human side of life.

And then there is Nic. Nic is so interesting to listen to about his work. He is showing his new photography work. The space he was at during this time didn't have great lighting, which is amazing because the way he chose to utilize his environment was awesome, I really enjoyed his...lack of light photography. They have such beauty and contrast.

Painter Paul, enough said. He is in quite the Octopi stage of his drawing. Paul also is a newly encaustic kid, which is great for me, but hey when are we going to play in the studio together?

Mr. Taylor. wow i havent seen him for about 5 months. So it was great to see him and his new 'hair cut' ha. Taylor is working in a variety of mediums as well. This night he brought in a small oil on paper piece and a glass piece he worked on. Glass is so amazing. I would love to try it I just need access to a set up. Taylor is going to start to churn out some bitchin' work soon.

And with that, Taylor was our last critque. Great job Octopi! Now get to your studio and make, create, read, ponder, release, live, and above all have fun.