Monday, March 30, 2009

art+environment showing

This past Saturday was the Art+Environment Opening. The work will be showing through the end of the month and you can email me to schedule an appointment to check out the work:

As many of you have been able to get a peek of the process I am excited to show you the finished work. I had three weeks to complete this body of work. I created the large 8 foot x 4 foot piece in two weeks working everyday on this new project. This experience at Fine Art Base has been an amazing one. I learned new processes with my encaustic technique as well as continuing to learn the art of balance in my life. Here are some photographs of the last few days and the opening night that was well attended. This opening went very well for studiomargo as I sold some works in the showing. Inquire about any of the works you see the price range is from $100.00 to $2,300.00.

It was fun while it lasted, I packed up my things as the program is only one month, I made the most of it. Now time to 'giddy-up' pack up the studio, back to the homestead.

O the TO-DO list, feels great to cross off all that work!

I couldn't have done this without the help of my friend Stuart!

These above are my seashell series.

This is my map series. The maps are courtesy of the California History Room of the Monterey Public Library. I got that phototransfer method down and lets just say, I love to burnish.

O the candid shots, here are the artists showing that night, from left to right: Margo, Tracy Parker, J.R. Uretsky, Elizabeth, and DLWilkison.

Thank you all for attending. If you are in twon during this month, let me know and we can set a date to check out the work, or come to the opening of new work that is going to be displayed at Rosie's Cracker Barrel in Carmel Valley during the month of April, all things grape related :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's Outside the Box

Alright, well, since today is deemed blog Sunday I am going to do just that. Here is a little photo step by step of my production in the last week. I am gearing up for this showing at Fine Art Base, I have been working very hard. I am currently painting 10 hours a day with a one hour lunch in between. The theme for the exhibition is art + environment. I am focusing on the topography of Monterey and using found objects in my work. I am also working on a new project that is 8ft by 4 ft acrylic and encaustic. Below is my process. Come to the opening in Sand City on March 28th from 7-10 at Fine Art Base located at 625 Redwood Ave. it is going to be a great show.

I am working on two 8x4' panels to create this piece. It has been such an amazing freeing experience to work larger. Although it really isnt large, in comparison with my 6x6 encaustic paintings i have been doing, this is huge. I love this space! Gesso, Cut outs, sand down, acrylic, wax, is my process that was over several days.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Creations

My world is full of painting, community and yoga. Since my arrival back from Nebraska I won a proposal from Fine Art Base. I won a studio space for a month to create some work for a showing the group of artists will be having on the 28th of this month. The work is to be based on art + environment. So i have moved my encaustic studio over to Fine Art Base located in Sand City. I have been so productive. I am using found objects and a Monterey Bay inspired color palette for the work. I will be showing with three other local artists. I am very excited about the space. There is so much positive energy in this group work envirnoment. I really have fallen in love with this space and working around other artists. It is a great change for my work flow. So check out the images below, enjoy and I will see you on the 28th in Sand City.

Here is on of the other artists, J.R. Uretsky. She is creating a huge installation and involving the community in the process.

Here is a kelp pour with Rodney Thompson panel. :)

RandFpaints with my clay tool scraper.

I just want to let you all know what a great thing deconstructing is. I have been reusing my wood panels that do not sell. It can be such a great feeling deconstructing older work that I have move on from. Here is a piece I did for a local showing at Cafe Lumiere. And is something else...

O here is another panel i had created from Rodney. I cant wait to show you the finished product.