Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun

This past weekend was full of friends, laughter, love, live music, art, and nature. I am going through more changes in my life, who knew being 25 is such a ride! I have been working with pure color in my acrylics which I believe stems from my encaustic color palette. These two paintings were inspired by the Monterey Bay, ocean life, and my seaside oozing candles.

I have also been doing some demo work and creating new encaustic paintings out of it. It feels great. So from that.

So each morning this weekend I woke up and turned on the wok, heating up the hot plate for a morning painting session feels so amazing, and is a great way to start every morning. After the painting, I went out to Carmel to The Sunshine Freestyle Surfabout. I had an amazing time, just hanging out, watching some of the best surfers do their thing and enjoying my friends company while soaking up the sun. There are just a few shots from the beachie days. I also caught my friend Nic Coury (whose blog you can reach by the tabs on the right side of my blog, photographicNIC) taking some GREAT shots with his amazing lenses.

And with that beautiful sunset away I went.

On Sunday my encaustic friend Allyson Malek had an opening at the Haute Enchilada in Moss Landing. This Art Gallery space is run by this group of artists. I went to go check her work and her new space out. It is always so nice to see Allyson, she is so lovely. She has been working so hard since she has been back from Nebraska. I love her new work. Allyson and I are gearing up to teach encaustic workshops together in the Carmel Valley area. Dates soon to follow.

From Moss landing to Carmel Beach. This day was a little chiller and the fog came in fast and we weren't able to watch the sunset, but we watched the fog roll in.

On my way back home I ran into some roses which was a nice way to end the weekend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Multi Medium Margo

I have been keeping my momentum in and out of the studio, as I am sure you are not so surprised. I have been asked to be a led muralist for a Monterey community project. I am working with an amazing group of people. This project is to create a small bike and garden space. The space has some buildings that will be a future space for murals painted by our community. Amanda and I are working together to create a theme and find painters and community members who would like to join in. I am very excited about the future murals. Monterey is craving for some youthful organic bike inspired art to grace the naked buildings. Giddy-up!

I have been working in acrylics recently. My appetite of mixing paint has been very high. So, lets not starve the artist. There is a difference in working with wax and working in acrylics. I receive such an array of feelings when working in different mediums. Working small, working large are also different feelings. The following paintings are a selected mix of work that I have been creating in between the wax art. Some are not yet completed but I just want to show you the process that I go through with my acrylic work.

The Octopi Collective had a meeting last Thursday regarding our exhibition we are prepping for at the National Steinbeck Center. Here are a few shots of the night.

Tracy Parker had an opening at Sand City, City Hall. I went to the opening and here is some of her work below. The work will be up for about a month if you want to see her work in person, go to the City Hall and check it!

O this is just a side note. I have some plants outside on my porch and I noticed that my little native Monterey grass has been flatten and so I would try to fluff it up but it never really worked. Finally one day as im gearing up to paint, I open my front door to feel the sun kiss my skin and what do i find!

ha. well hurray for the kittie! Now back to the studio.