Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Multi Medium Margo

I have been keeping my momentum in and out of the studio, as I am sure you are not so surprised. I have been asked to be a led muralist for a Monterey community project. I am working with an amazing group of people. This project is to create a small bike and garden space. The space has some buildings that will be a future space for murals painted by our community. Amanda and I are working together to create a theme and find painters and community members who would like to join in. I am very excited about the future murals. Monterey is craving for some youthful organic bike inspired art to grace the naked buildings. Giddy-up!

I have been working in acrylics recently. My appetite of mixing paint has been very high. So, lets not starve the artist. There is a difference in working with wax and working in acrylics. I receive such an array of feelings when working in different mediums. Working small, working large are also different feelings. The following paintings are a selected mix of work that I have been creating in between the wax art. Some are not yet completed but I just want to show you the process that I go through with my acrylic work.

The Octopi Collective had a meeting last Thursday regarding our exhibition we are prepping for at the National Steinbeck Center. Here are a few shots of the night.

Tracy Parker had an opening at Sand City, City Hall. I went to the opening and here is some of her work below. The work will be up for about a month if you want to see her work in person, go to the City Hall and check it!

O this is just a side note. I have some plants outside on my porch and I noticed that my little native Monterey grass has been flatten and so I would try to fluff it up but it never really worked. Finally one day as im gearing up to paint, I open my front door to feel the sun kiss my skin and what do i find!

ha. well hurray for the kittie! Now back to the studio.

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