Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miripolsky Movin' Monterey

Here are the progression shots of the mural. Tomorrow will probably be the last day we are painting with the blue. It is going to be a second coat kind of day. Today marks day 9 of painting. I feel an overwhelming amount of joy as I paint all day in my favorite hue, in one of my favorite towns, receiving wonderful comments from locals and visitors. One of my favorite parts about public art is that it can make a town talk. I have heard mostly positive comments. I did have a conversation with a local who was hesitant about the change when he first engages me in conversation. By the end of the conversation, he changed. Walking away with a smile on his face, stating he is happy to see something different. One local that walks by claps his hands and gives a thumbs up. I truly love the dialogue public art creates, even if it is not all happy and sweet, just that people are talking and connecting with the art, is what I love. Families that walk by ask each other about the mural, the parents ask their children what are the people doing, why do you think they are doing it, what is it of, what do you think about it.

The last mural I created in Monterey was the Kelp Forest mural at CSU, Monterey Bay. I have longed for another mural project in Monterey, there are so many naked walls in this town that could use a good coat. I feel so happy to be a part of this project and I hope that this mural will be the catalyst for investing in innovative public art.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Muraling Monterey with Andre Miripolsky

I am currently muraling in Monterey with Los Angeles artist, Andre Miripolsky. It is just the beginning. It feels so wonderful to be a part of this change in Monterey. I will have more later. Not much time to write or email, lots of painting and sleeping in between the sandwich eating.

Happy Painting!