Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mobile Mural Lab :: CicLAvia

Here is the Mobile Mural Lab at the downtown Culver City hub for the 2015 cicLAvia! Enjoy the ride, I sure did! To connect with the Mobile Mural Lab go [here]

 Gio and myself before the painting extravaganza!

 This women's spirit is just positively amazing! She has also been skateboarding for the last year and a half!

The before shots above! 
Here we go!
Our first painter!

What a fun group! Friends, hanging out, painting together.

The Venice Paparazzi came over to say hello!

cicLAvia so much fun, to see people just enjoying riding around on their bicycles in this city. Once again LA did not disappoint! All of the interactions were so sweet, fun, and full of laughter. Thank you cicLAvia and thank you Mobile Mural Lab for providing a real space for community to come together to exchange smiles and stories.