Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Show, Santa Cruz

This past weekend was the 17th Avenue Studio's Spring Show. A great time was had by all! Here are a few photographs from the event. I was showing next to Carolina McCall. We have very different work but similar color palettes, which, I believe made this room out of all the rooms the most joyful place to be, which was seen and heard by the constant laughter and great conversation about  robotic relationships and Mayan culture. 


I showed my new water colors which are continuously expanding the robots world. All of the children that came by loved the work. It is so fun to talk to them and see their eyes light up when they see art that they can connect with.

When I was a little girl I told my mother I wanted to be a comedian. Yesterday people came into this room and instantly started smiling and laughing, being pulled into one of the paintings that spoke to them, was awesome. One women actually could not stop laughing, which in turn made me laugh, which in turn made the other people in the room laugh. So, I am in a way living my dream as a little girl, to be a comedian, bringing people love and laughter in this life, without making fun of people and using foul language but by using this whimsical humor that just has me giggling in my studio and my collectors giggling at home.

Next up is a showing of 4 paintings at Roseville, CA in the Downtown Public Library, Third Saturday. I do not know if I will be able to make that showing, but the bots will be there.