Sunday, September 28, 2008

KVIE Art Auction

Well, It finally happened. The Auction. I found my way back to Sacramento on an early Saturday morning. As the fog covered the bay, i took one stop at the beach, and drove away to what was soon to be a sweaty little valley.

So i arrive at the house, and what do i see, but an amazing schmorgisborg of foodies. My mom, can make anything, i know it. She did such an awesome job preparing food. She loves it, she says. I always ask her about her logo...ha... down below is an amazing cake that my mom painted herself, a replica of the painting that is about to be auctioned off that night. My mom is an inspiration for myself. She has set the bar real high for us Mullen girls.

Alright, friends and family came over, and well, the bidding began. As you all know the peice was already bid on twice during the Preview Party, and so this is an exciting time to see how much more money my work would raise for KVIE. The bidding starts at the $550.00...and it went something like this. The conversation about my work was excellent. The anouncers mentioned CSUMB and my importance of environment. During the "Margo" spiel, they took close ups of the work, which i would have to say turned out just awesome for tv. It was real a change to see my work on the big screen with my loved ones. This just was such an exciting moment. O...the bidding war begins.

And so with that, the 10 minute bidding ending with the bid closing at $700.00. It feels great to be able to give that to KVIE which gives so much to the Sacramento community. Everyone was excited about the bid and after all that, we ate some cake.
I woke up the next morning, on cloud nine, all i can think about is getting back into the studio. Good thing, I am showing on October 5th with Jamie, and I dont have as much work as I want, so, this next week, is going to be deemed wax week. So get out your blow torch, we are going to be productive in the studio.

Here you are, I took a right turn instead of a left, and here is the view later that day in Monterey, I was still in shorts and a tank top, leaving the sticky Sacramento heat and driving into the cool Monterey fog.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, This past Monday was KVIE's Art Auction Preview Party. This was such an awesome experience, great event, and a great way to give back to community. This event had just over 800 artists apply for the juried competition and a little over 250 got juried into this event. I entered my Untitled piece, which is my largest encaustic work thus far. Here are a few photographs from the event. This event brings the greater Sacramento community together, with art lovers, artists, family members, friends, art collectors, and there were even a few racing teams there last night i heard.

Here she is, in all her glory, third highest bid of the night, someone out bid the first guy. Very exciting. If you are interested in bidding on this piece you can get your speed bid number here. My work is going to be auctioned off on Saturday September 27th from 5:00pm to 5:30pm.

Here is an awesome water color...

That was a wrap. Dad and I drank wine, ate foodies, discussed art, technique and the constant topic of the color black. It seems to pop up in every conversation i have had with him since i was five. I never get tired of it either. I love it. So, we left extremely happy with the great bids on my work, excited to see what may come on Saturday at 5:00pm on KIVE or online.

Here you go, a treat for you. Here is a Scouty-Ma-Touty original. I did a large series of him in high school. He is currently on the mantle. Now it is off to bed with an early bed time and an early awake time. I am so stoked to be able to give back to KVIE which has given me so much growing up. Thank you once again.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Keepin' it Real

So there has been much action in my life in and out of the studio. These past few days in the studio have been amazing and inspirational. I am real excited about my new work and I know you are too. So as i have told you all Phthalo and I are on a break, but that doesnt mean I still dont think about him. It is hard not to think about him when you live in Monterey. But i know it will be a good thing for my work to give us some space. So with that said I might have to start obsessing over a new hue, i have always thought Hookers Green was quite randy.

So here are a few shots of prepping canvas for the next piece. I am almost finished with the piece i showed you guys last time of the "lungs" I need to clean the edges.

O yes. now up next is an amazing group show of four local artist in Monterey. This opening reception was at the Alternative Cafe in Seaside. This was my first time there. It is a wonderful space great vibe and something Monterey kids like me need here. Alternative Cafe is making a difference in the community and they are creating such a positive and exciting feel here. Currently showing is Andrew Jackson, Justin DeVine, Jennifer Sullivan, and C.Love. Check their work out, it is an amazing show, all of the work is for sale.

dj Todd Prophet, playin' some sweet beats.

And now to relaxing Saturday, right? So below you will see the card i made for friend Markus Naerheim, if you are reading this, and you dont know what that thing is next to jellymarkus, well, Markus is a writer and thats his third novel he recently released, I suggest you get your hands and brain on a copy. This day was celebrating his birthday with drinks, food, and friends, and of course the ocean. Markus loves nature, here is a diptych of the ocean that is small so where ever he travels there it will be, it is titled, 'Nearhome'.

Markus and his brainy ladies...whats up with the surf?

After the boys came in from the water and the rest of the crew got to the spot, there was only one reoccurring question...does anyone have a bottle opener?

Wow, great thing the birthday boy was the only one to bring an opener...Happy Birthday! After all that commotion, i went for a stroll.

Well this last shot is my fav shot, i love the colors and the motion, and the composition isnt that bad.

Well all 'n' all Its been great. I think i am mostly procrastinating from organizing that needs to be done in the studio. I wish i had little gnomes that i could release from a glass Kerr jar and they would work on organizing, and I would supervise and direct their work while i drink apple cranberry juice and eat crackers.