Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Work

This past week has been very productive. I have been in great spirits and have been painting most of the nights when i get off of working on the computer all day. I have been thinking about my work non stop. Im ready for a change, a, "hey look, I'm progressing" feel. So with that said here are a few shots of the studio work. But first, here is a great shot of the pulsating xenia in my tank, with a side of Mater. The salinity in the tank has been rather high and well you will see how it effect the anemone, a water change is needed sooner than later.

o. Mater.

Ok. Here we go, down stairs to the secret layer of creation, thats not so secret anymore.

Here is one of the wax octopus, with his newly acrylic painted eyes. It works just how i want, and now it is time to start dipping him with color wax. I cant wait to start that portion of this work.

This is a jelly, a practice jelly. Although the name of this type of jelly has seemed to slip my mind, these jellies always have 12 legs no more and no less.

This above is a water color study I did prior to the piece you will see below. Get ready.

Here is the first portion of the triptych. This is a limited color palette however there in no black paint used and this rich black is a combination of three deeper hues to create interest.
Below are my sketches for the next few pieces i have created in my head. I am going to create a mini series in this style. I am also going to work in colors i don't always use. I am so in love with phthalo blue and he always shows up in my work. I am ready to venture to different color palettes, don't tell Phthalo, we are taking a break.

This piece above is a response to a San Fransisco jewelry artist i met. I am still working on the peice and im not going to explain much about it as of right now. Here is that work in progress.

I will have more later.

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J.R. Uretsky said...

I'm liking this.

by the way, you better fill me in on san fran before ol' whats his name gives me all the nasty details.