Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Santa Cruz Open Studios

This month of beautiful October weather, here on the Central Coast, was the 2014 Open Studios. This was my second year opening up my studio at the 17th Avenue Studios in Live Oak to the public to check out what I have been working on, inside and out.

This years Open Studio was an amazing experience. Being able to have deep conversation about community building, digging deep inside of ones self, and have some humor in this journey of life. The colors of this work are amplified. There is much more freedom and movement in the pieces as well. The combination of the Robots with the abstraction is a success. Editing down the work for the show was also a real important part. To let each piece, that made it into the 'best work' really sing. To allow people to interact with each piece and let them feel the power and energy that comes with each piece. The best part about being able to open up my studio to hundreds, dare I say thousands of people is the opportunity to talk and laugh with them. To bring a little piece of joy, love and happiness to everyone that walks into the door is really such a gift. So thank you if you were able to make the journey to the studio to see the new work and connect. I am here year round!