Friday, March 5, 2010

Working Large and Staying Connected

I have been working on a set of 5 panels for the past three weeks. The panels are 7 x 84 in. These particular panels are inspired by California forest fires.

As the first layers were fused on to the panels and my space in the studio was becoming uncomfortably tight, I took some time to reflect on the work. Curious about the direction the panels wanted to go in and how I would stay connected with the panels without controlling the work itself can be a challenge. The panels lay flat on the table, taking whatever came their way, they had no choice. I was looking over them, always. I started to feel disconnected from my work. I felt like there was some sort of a hierarchy going on in the studio. I needed to change the space. Working flat is great but these panels are asking for something different. When I arrived back to the studio it was time for organizing and rearranging. I stacked my tables, cleaned up wax and angled my 7 foot panels on my shelves so I could feel how much bigger they are than I am. It was the scale I had started to disconnect with. Now that the panels are up they command a different type of attention. Now I look up at the panels. I love them, I can press my whole body up against them and really connect with the work.

This is where the work is at. I will be reading poetry and philosophy in the next few months which will inspire the work and open me up to new ideas and new levels of thinking. With my new library card I am able to check out 99 items at a time! 99!