Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fourth Annual Encaustic Conference

This was my first time attending the Fourth Annual Encaustic Conference. My Name is Margo, I'm from the Santa Cruz Mountains and I have been painting with wax for about three years.

This conference brings together a large variety of artists from around the world. The conference is three days and it seems every moment, every day, you are meeting someone new. Even these last moments I am still meeting artists and saying good bye to others as well.

There were a few different events to attend in the very beginning, I went to Linda's demo, wow, that was packed! It was informative, I was excited to smell the bees wax. There was a show, "Best Foot Forward" it was open to all of the artist. It was a very cool show and such variety. It is always exciting to see the vast array of work that comes from one medium. The only limit in wax is imagination and perhaps some chemical configuration as well.

Above is Paula Roland's vendor station. It was my first time seeing the execution of a mono print.

The conference started off with a welcome from Joanne and a superb lecture on the work of Jasper Johns by Dr. Roberta Bernstein. I was engaged at every word of the lecture. When a slide came up showing Johns's working in trompe l'oeil I almost lost my mind. I felt a huge surge all over my body. I was excited to see that he had worked in that style and in wax, as I have started to learn trompe l'oeil and I work in wax.  I was on such a lecture art high after that, I just wanted to explode with happiness to know that I do not have to be one or the other. I can be it all.

In continuing the theme of being it all, the Saturday morning panel discussion was about making a career in encaustic. There were four artist on the panel discussion, Elena De La Ville, Barbara Moody, Jane Allen Nodine, Alexandre Masino, and Eileen Goldenberg. This panel discussion opened my eyes to the variety of individual possibilities to making a career in art. Each artist makes a living in their own way, and works in wax the way it best suites their vision. It is important for me to see that, hear that, and meet artists. There is no one way, each way is as individual as the artist.

 I am usually such a picture taking extravaganza, but when the lectures and discussions started, the camera was out of sight, out of mind. Here is the list of lectures I attended: Lisa Pressman, Encaustic Studio, Rodney Thompson, Comparison of Torches, Ellen Koment, Going Large, Nancy Natale, Art Blogging, Kim Bernard, What's Your Work? and Miles Conrad, Presenting to a Gallery.

It all seems to be a blink of the eye, there we were, all the waxy artists chuck full with information, ideas, and passion. Many travel back to their homes and their studios and many stay here in Beverly taking post conference workshops, building relationships and surprisingly enough finally enjoying some Sun.

Maura Joy Lustig, Margaret Berry, and Eileen Goldenberg (above). Joanne Mattera giving the final farewell (below).

 Until next time my waxy components, until next time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Way Ticket

I am currently packing for my very first One-Way ticket to the East Coast of the US and beyond. Just how exactly do you pack for a undetermined time frame? I am not quite sure, but the essentials are in there along with my traveling water color case and a few brushes and my smile is ready.

My first stop will be at the Fourth Annual Encaustic Conference at the Montserrat College of Art. I am excited to see many of my wax painting friends there as well as meeting new artists who work with wax. This is my first time to the event and I know it will be quite the experience. I am looking forward to taking my "Working Large" class in wax. I have just finished my 5 panels that are 7in x 7ft. I have heard a lot about the conference and it is great to be able to have the chance to experience it as well.

After the conference I will be in Boston for a few days hopping around, I may get the chance to go to NY to see some friends and check out art.

From Boston to SCAD. In my last post I discuss about the development of my mural career. I will be working with John on the development of new murals that are on the horizon. SCAD is interested in a trompe l'oeil mural. This will be my first time scouting for a wall for the mural. This is an exciting process, as I am learning that there are walls that are more conducive for an illusion than others.

From SCAD John and I will travel to Barbados for the next future mural project. We will meet the community, taste the culture, meet the local artists and soak up the history.

In between all of this we are currently working on a mural for Skyline College. This is the first mural I have worked on with John. We painted the cartoon in one all night-morning session. This mural is teaching me a lot about the trick of the eye, learning about the blends, broken walls, and gradations. Paint is magical!

My studio will be moving to the other side of the room. I have been packing up my encaustic tools and tieing up loose ends with the wax. Although I have had a few weeks off of mural painting, I have been taking time to improve my painting skills in my studio. Practice makes perfect.

So I will say so long to my little Umber, and I know she will miss me. hahaha. I know the chicks will grow so much and maybe even be laying eggs by the time I get back to the sweet mountain. I gave little Umber a chick braclet so I would know which one she is when I get back, but I hear she may grow out of it. Bummer.