Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oahu, Hawaii

From the free loving Central Coast of California to the sweet smelling smiling warm breeze of Oahu, Hawaii, the robots and I are having an incredible time. Above are two small water colors that were created on the plane ride over the Pacific Ocean. I have spent four days here and have four more to go. Here is a selection of some of the treats I have eaten and seen here on the island. Below is a shot of Fumi's Shrimp, which was so delicious.


On the plane ride over, I scanned through my Hawaiian Air newsletter and found a totally rad mural, so I marked it on the map of things to see while I am here. The mural is in a rough neighborhood behind a chain linked fence, however I found a nice giant cement block to stand on, which the rest of the shots are taken from. This muralist, Estria is an international muralist from Hawaii, I cant even begin to write about all of the positive work the Estria Foundation has done. Check out his site here and his blog here and you should watch this video about the mural in Oahu here. One of the first questions I had when I arrived here was, where do they get their drinking water. Estria's mural would soon open up his heart and soul and let me in to the struggles and celebrations of the people of Oahu. If you are ever here you should check out the mural.

Photographs of plants and invasive birds.

Onward we go to visit Pearl Harbor and get a dose of history. These museums are absolutely amazing and tell the story in so many ways. I was so moved as were the people around me. Below I saw the inside of one of the ships and how it would be living in a submarine.

After Pearl Harbor we checked out another mural, created by the muralist I worked with in 2010. I just had to see what the mural looked like in person, because I had heard so much about it in the studio.

There are silhouettes of butterfly's, which were the Queens favorite.

After the murals we headed to the Contemporary Museum of Honolulu. This museum was once a residence and reminded me a lot of La Mirada in Monterey. So beautiful and unique. I must say the art inside was okay. The plants, sculptures, and murals were my favorite part, go ahead, take a peek.


So I leave you with that, this quirky mural near the cafe! Until next time! xo