Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oregon margO

 We are gearing up for our first adventure to Portland, Oregon! I have the opportunity to get cozy with the Northwest at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Below are the four encaustic paintings that are currently showing at the PCPA until mid March.I am excited to check out Portland and I hope you are as well. I know that the 'robots' have been taking the front stage in the studio for the last year or so however, I am excited to have the minimal and abstract work meet 2012. I will be curious to see what the art scene is like in Portland. I have heard so many great things about Portland and the art scene there. Feburary 2nd from 5 to 9pm I will be at PCPA talking art. Will you?

So to Portland or Bust! I have just received some of my postcards and business cards I created for our journey. Just below are two finished paintings I showed you (in process) last week. Take a gander.

I had a dream last month. I was walking out side a typical suburbia home in California and I saw a huge crack in the driveway. I walked over to check it out. As I saw this deep crack I got down on my hands and knees, peering even further into the cracked driveway which reveal a golden and Godly light to another place. All of a sudden I saw all these little coffee beans on the driveway next to my hands. I looked at them. Right before my eyes all the little tiny coffee beans started morphing into little rhinos. As the coffee beans magically turned into rhinos they ran away into the heavenly light. I woke up and one month later painted my friend rhino with her ever faithful bird by her side.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


The first post for January and we are already 14 days into the new year. This is the 5th year of blogging! The last few weeks I have been working on expanding the robot series. I am excited for the new life they are starting to live. Go ahead, check them out.

Whalebot 4x12in

This is a portrait of Anne. I met Anne a few weeks ago. When I would walk into her home with her two loyal dogs, I heard the most beautiful music that had every cell in my body dancing. Anne rides her bike every where she goes. So here is a painting I did of her and her...dogbots. 

Here is an 'owlbot'. I have been reading, "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Chapman, this book discusses about how we all have a "love tank" inside of us. As I was working on this little creature I started to think about its "love tank" as it flies around the redwood forest in Bonny Doon.

These two minis are the smallest paintings I have ever created, that is a quarter picture with the work. Below is the continuation of expanding the robots. Fish, monsters, robots in submarines, it is endless. I am happy that I have the love and patience to develop these robots. Since they are so graphic I am working on adding a lot of depth to the work.

Above is the work living in the Santa Cruz studio. Below are two paintings in process. I have been having dreams with rhinos and seeing rhinos everywhere I go. So, here, I am letting rhino live here.

O love birds! If you are in California, stay cool and for you people who actually are getting snow, stay warm! I am gearing up for a group show I am exhibiting in Portland, OR. I will be there the beginning of Feburary.