Saturday, January 14, 2012


The first post for January and we are already 14 days into the new year. This is the 5th year of blogging! The last few weeks I have been working on expanding the robot series. I am excited for the new life they are starting to live. Go ahead, check them out.

Whalebot 4x12in

This is a portrait of Anne. I met Anne a few weeks ago. When I would walk into her home with her two loyal dogs, I heard the most beautiful music that had every cell in my body dancing. Anne rides her bike every where she goes. So here is a painting I did of her and her...dogbots. 

Here is an 'owlbot'. I have been reading, "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Chapman, this book discusses about how we all have a "love tank" inside of us. As I was working on this little creature I started to think about its "love tank" as it flies around the redwood forest in Bonny Doon.

These two minis are the smallest paintings I have ever created, that is a quarter picture with the work. Below is the continuation of expanding the robots. Fish, monsters, robots in submarines, it is endless. I am happy that I have the love and patience to develop these robots. Since they are so graphic I am working on adding a lot of depth to the work.

Above is the work living in the Santa Cruz studio. Below are two paintings in process. I have been having dreams with rhinos and seeing rhinos everywhere I go. So, here, I am letting rhino live here.

O love birds! If you are in California, stay cool and for you people who actually are getting snow, stay warm! I am gearing up for a group show I am exhibiting in Portland, OR. I will be there the beginning of Feburary.

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