Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Mural

After much preparation, this week is the start of a new mural project for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This is the very first mural that John and I have created together from the beginning. So here are some images of where we are currently at with the project. We have set the installation for the second week in May, so if you want to check us out while we install, follow the blog around May.

Here are the two sketches of the design.


Above prepping the wall. Below are two rolls of the material prepped and ready to be stretched.

Laying out the material upside down and seaming it together.

Setting up the scaffolding. Laying out the grid. Mapping out the mural.

I am excited to start painting after a few months of office and paper work.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


It is Sunday morning. I'm sitting at a coffee shop in Los Gatos, CA. The energy is flourishing and the beans smell heavenly.
The past week I have been hopping around from Truckee to Sacramento to Monterey to San Fransisco. I have officially moved out of the forest and living a nomadic lifestyle.  The artistic lifestyle is so uncertain. I am continuously working on balance in my lifestyle, which seems almost impossible to me at times. So I am almost set up with yoga and medatation places to practice at as I travel from city to city. My schedule is changing every hour and maintaining peace amidst all the chaos is a challenge.


It is time to go to the Santa Cruz Mountain studio. Today is the start of the lay out of the SC Beach Boardwalk mural. I am looking forward to the start of a new mural for the Santa Cruz community and blocking in some color after we set the perspective.