Sunday, February 26, 2012

Connecting the Bots

As I was traveling from point A to point B, I looked at my empty passenger side seat and notice my postcard sitting there.

All of a sudden, "Ah-Ha!" I put the two together. Why not work in water color with the robots, I thought to myself. So This last week, that is what I have been doing. Here is the work I have created in the last week and three days. The water color really brings a certain magic to the robots. I am having  lot of fun with this world of bots, can you tell?

Here is a little writing that goes with the above painting.

A school of fish swim by. Two fish friends jump together in the sea. The sailbots adventure, looking for treasure, but who need treasure when you have your best friend by your side.

Here is a little writing for the piece below.
Her love swirled dreams were starting to come true. As her kelp forest painting hangs above her bed, she has dreams filled with love and kindness.

So, with all that squishy love fluttering through your head, I hope you have an excellent week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cabrillo College :: Glenn Carter

Last night I went to a reception at Cabrillo College for Glenn Carter "A Guest to the Mystery". If you have not been to Cabrillo College you should, for the art and the view of the bay. To be quite honest this show is refreshing. In Santa Cruz County I am use to seeing more folk art around. It was more than a treat to be in this space and see this high caliber work in the county. I met up with artist Marvin Plummer who introduced me to artist and gallerist Tobin Keller.

This work reminded me a little of the Bonny Doon series from 2010. For what every reason I could not help but to feel...sexual...when I saw this work. I believe it was the strings hanging out of every piece protruding out like penises and the large circles that undulated across the panels that had me thinking of a group of women rolling around in bed, I could only see breasts. Maybe it is the raw materials, minimalist appearance that lets my mind wonder into the realm of sexual pleasure. This is Glenn Carter's interpretation of nature. Nature is raw and nature is sexual.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Urban Hive :: Second Saturday

Last night was the Preview Party at the Urban Hive for the Second Saturday in Sacramento, CA. I sold my first "Rocket Robot" print to a Sacramento writer! I had the opportunity to talk to her and all the love I put into my work I could feel oozing right out of her pores, as she describes the robot in the rocket with excitingly raised arms. I am showing three prints in a group show put together by Sacramento365. Micah Crandall-Bear is also showing work in the show. This is my very first Second Saturday and first time showing prints. These prints are hand signed and numbered in edition of 50.

If you have not had a chance to check out the Urban Hive, this would be a great opportunity to do so. This is a cool spot that small business owners work at. So there is a sense of community while you work. You do not have to work alone in your home office. Build your community ties and stay focused on your work. This Saturday is the more festive and full reception. So maybe I will see you at the Hive.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Linda Womack :: Portland, OR

I am a lucky painter, I was able to visit the ventilated, art crawling studio of Linda Womack. It is always great to see the work in person. I met Linda, at the 2009 IEA retreat near my old stomping grounds in Carmel Valley. I also attended the 2010 Encaustic Conference, where Linda taught. She is currently teaching online encaustic classes, so if you do not have the chance to head to Portland to take classes in Womack's studio, just click here and let your studio flourish with Linda, where ever you are located. The universe magically opened up an opportunity for me to get to check out Portland and I spent some time in Linda's creative space. She played body moving drum music in her studio as I saturated my eyes with her new work. I recently saw some of Womack's newest work online so I was excited to see this new work up close with a big smile on my face. But first to the galleries! I enjoyed most of the work in all the galleries I visited. My favorite work is currently showing at the Froelick Gallery on Davis Street. Nat Meade is currently showing the work that just had me giggly all over. If you are not in Portland, check out his work and purchase it if you have the opportunity.

Here we are at Linda's studio, surrounded by charm, trees and the crisp Northwestern air.

Thank you Linda for the studio time! 

Portland, I love you. I know my vision of Portland is skewed. No rain, no overcast skies. Sun, magic, good food, great art, Mt. Hood, and Powell's Book Store...what more could a human want?! What a positively amazing experience. Until next time! xo

Friday, February 3, 2012

Portland, Oregon

It has finally happened. I am in Portland, Oregon. No, I have not seen, "Portlandia" but I just watched this clip. I have yet to order any chicken up here. I am staying in John's Landing and went for a walk to JoLa Cafe and the Willamette River and and found Mt. Hood. O yes.

The rabbit below is a newly added piece of public art at the Sacramento International Airport!  Sacramento just added a whole new terminal, it is amazing. It is modern and full of public art. Hurray for the1% for public art!

From California to Portland, OR. I check out a local cafe in John's Landing and walk to the river.

Last night was the "Come To Your Senses" reception for Portland's First Thursdays. It was a very well attended opening with great food and music. I had a great time discussing the work and meeting new people.

Above, two people checking out the work. My seas shell, coastal work sparked a lot of interest and opened up a lot of different topics we could talk about.

I LOVE Portland!