Friday, February 3, 2012

Portland, Oregon

It has finally happened. I am in Portland, Oregon. No, I have not seen, "Portlandia" but I just watched this clip. I have yet to order any chicken up here. I am staying in John's Landing and went for a walk to JoLa Cafe and the Willamette River and and found Mt. Hood. O yes.

The rabbit below is a newly added piece of public art at the Sacramento International Airport!  Sacramento just added a whole new terminal, it is amazing. It is modern and full of public art. Hurray for the1% for public art!

From California to Portland, OR. I check out a local cafe in John's Landing and walk to the river.

Last night was the "Come To Your Senses" reception for Portland's First Thursdays. It was a very well attended opening with great food and music. I had a great time discussing the work and meeting new people.

Above, two people checking out the work. My seas shell, coastal work sparked a lot of interest and opened up a lot of different topics we could talk about.

I LOVE Portland!

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