Friday, February 17, 2012

Cabrillo College :: Glenn Carter

Last night I went to a reception at Cabrillo College for Glenn Carter "A Guest to the Mystery". If you have not been to Cabrillo College you should, for the art and the view of the bay. To be quite honest this show is refreshing. In Santa Cruz County I am use to seeing more folk art around. It was more than a treat to be in this space and see this high caliber work in the county. I met up with artist Marvin Plummer who introduced me to artist and gallerist Tobin Keller.

This work reminded me a little of the Bonny Doon series from 2010. For what every reason I could not help but to feel...sexual...when I saw this work. I believe it was the strings hanging out of every piece protruding out like penises and the large circles that undulated across the panels that had me thinking of a group of women rolling around in bed, I could only see breasts. Maybe it is the raw materials, minimalist appearance that lets my mind wonder into the realm of sexual pleasure. This is Glenn Carter's interpretation of nature. Nature is raw and nature is sexual.

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