Thursday, September 20, 2012

Commissions and Beyond

Time is going by very fast, working in the studio just about every day of the week. Taking time for eating, sleeping, and giggling. I have been working almost non stop on the Oakland Museum of California commission. I have been meeting my dead lines and eating my breakfast. Well, we are at the refining stage of the work. All illustrations are painted and now we are just making small adjustments and adding a few things here and there to make this the best, most exciting stop motion animation the West has ever seen!

So below are photographs of the work. Canadian Goose, drawing, and painted illustration.

 A drawing of a black tailed mule deer. As I was drawing and then painting her, I thought about the two of us frolicking in the Oakland Redwoods together, best friends, totally in love with each other. We danced and ran as magical fairy dust swirled around our bodies and western sword ferns tickled our ankles.

Here is the beginning stage of the Oakland Redwood forest.

 Below are the two different drawings I sent for review. The first squirrel made the cut, however, the robotic funny, squirrel/bear/raccoon animal did not make it. hahahaha. He makes me giggle each time I flip through my sketch book and see him there. He looks like he knows a lot of great jokes!

Here is the finished squirrel. Below her are a few additional painted sketches. This was the first time using illustration board, and I love it!

Here I am working on the Downtown Oakland scene. I am working on the Fox Theater. Aside from my 2010 trompe l'oeil work, I have not painted many cityscapes. This is a great opportunity to do just that. As I was painting this scene I was thinking a lot about the robots and how it seems like they are finally getting their own home to live in. That makes me feel so great inside. Now that this painter has a place to call home, so do the robots, and gosh, it feels GREAT!

This is my Western Sword Fern I purchased and planted so that I could study what the leaves looks like and how the plant feels, so I could place that into the Redwood piece. There is more work to create.

I have been working on a new commission for a new client! So fun! I just love it! Here it is in progress! I was supplied a photograph of the dog, for the dogbot, and I just LOVE him so much, he is the love of this painting for sure!

In between I have been working on more robotic things. I have new robot prints that are for sale on the etsy site here. I am also starting to work on 'spot murals' for families or people who would love a robot, but not a whole mural of robotic goodness. The spot murals are much less expensive but they still have that certain robotic quality that just makes you feel all squishy and gushy inside. Here is an example of a spot mural:

Here are a few shots of the new prints on-line for you!

With all of that, it is ALSO a little past the one year Birthday of Robot Love! So LOVE ON my little humans and write to you soon!