Sunday, November 16, 2008

Labor, The Land & Love of Country

This Saturday was my first group showing in Carmel Valley. I am currently showing at the Wild Heart Gallerie, 3 Pilot Rd. This show turned out very awesome. I was so excited to see such a diverse range of work. I also was excited to see a fellow member of IEA, Ruth Gooch. So this time there are TWO encaustic artist. It is always great to see the wide range of this medium which is why I think so many people love working with it. Your imagination is the only thing that stops you from what you can produce with wax. So here are a few shots of the event. The show is running until December 15th most of the work is for sell and is created by artists all over California. Thank you Wild Heart and great job. I arrived at the gallerie early and took some photos of the work before the gallerie got nice and cozy.

This was a great opportunity for studiomargo. I met cool artists from around California. After this was time to celebrate, off to Carmel Beach to get a last glimpse of the sun on this sun kissed day. Enjoy the photos. Email if you are interested in the gallerie hours.

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