Friday, November 7, 2008

birthday extravaganza

well, things, as to no surprise to anyone reading this blog, just as my tank light went off, and Mater is going to bed, things have been positively busy. So with that I am going to just give you a few choice photographs from my big two five birthday. It is always hard to celebrate with out your family, especially birthdays, however i have found an amazing group of art family members here who love and support little studiomargo.

First i woke up and had an amazing morning, and away i went to the River Inn in Big Sur, I then ventured with a great friend to Jade Cove where i saw, smelled, and touched cool things. Being outside is the best remedy for a more creative work flow.

Below is a thank you card i made for a friend.

As many of you know, I am a huge advocate for being absurdly silly all the time. Laughing is great for the mind, body and especially the soul, and come on, live a little.

After the amazing time in good old nature it was to my ladies in Pacific Grove for an amazing dinner and wine extravagana with some amazing beauties.

photo courtesy of Michelle Magdalena Maddox

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