Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy Bee. Where's the Wax?

well, where do i start, really. I have been doing real well with producing. I can thank it all to the gnomes. Without the gnomes, the studio would be in the same space. And well, right now take a gander, It feels great in there. I actually want to go in there and spew creation all over. Now, I need to invest in lights. Im getting there, all in due time. Dont tell me how to cut my carrots. Thanks Gnomes!

So, with that work came time for the beach. What a nice Marina day, the fog was setting in, and the mud was...everywhere. I had a relaxing time and here are a few shots that I hope inspire you.

And if this image above isnt a sign for the work I am creating right now, i really dont know what else is. I was just so stoked when I made the connection.

A walk back into the misty Marina sea tasting air. O' how wonderful.

So what is next you might ask. Well, I am happy to say, that what is next, is progression. Here are some photographs of my newest acrylic work. I finished the large more fall color palette this Thursday, and wow it feels great.

O man, I finished her, it feels great, now mind you, that this photo that your looking at, really, is not showing how cool it is in person. It took a long time to create because of the scale, 48" x 24" as well as the stroke i am using for this piece which the brush is, well, very small. Below are the other works in this 'Untitled Response' series. I believe it is very important to be able to show a series, and create a series. It is also very important for an artist to be multifaceted in a variety of mediums.

So with that multifaceted mumbo-jumbo, Mater hasnt been the happiest little camper. I have been so involved in my painting, that i let my tank reach an all time high salinity levels which made Mater's a-non, pretty....miserable. Sorry mater.

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