Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend @ Margo's

I starting processing about this painting about a week and a half ago, and finally, i couldn't stand it anymore. I just wanted to paint it out. Well once i got into the studio and things started to happen, i realized this piece will take me a little longer than I initially thought it would. Just more painting for me, and what could be bad about that? Painting in this, shall i say, cross hatch style has freed my brain up in a way i never thought possible. I am able to concentrate on color and shape, exactly what i lust for everyday.

Well, this weekend came in with a refreshing hang out of the Octopi Collective. A few of us were able to glide our schedule together, make some food, hang out, and talk all things art.
I really love the Octopi Collective and everything we stand for. So this potluck night was awesome and the conversation was deep and magical. ha. Here are a few photos from the Thursday night event.

This photo courtesy of Nic Coury.

Here are two images of the newer work actually hanging on walls....

Onward to the weekend, I went to an opening in Salinas, and saw an amazing show. Here are just a few images from the event. There was an amazing opera singing with an equally extravagant outfit for the opening of the show.