Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Work

Well, I have had an extremely intense couple of weeks. It all started with the International Encaustic Artists Retreat 2008 during the end of April. My brain just has not been able to stop thinking about all the possibilities with wax. You will see in one of my pieces, my exploration and obsession of the almond shape. This past time at the retreat really made me think about me work and exploring into the unknown...exploring into the world where acrylics just cant take you. There has yet to be a medium I am able to show my obsession with shapes, color, and odd numbers, until I met encaustic. I am currently taking up a new hobby. Eating eggs. Since my show is in about 11 days or less...I will be eating a mass amount of eggs to complete my mini. minimal. obsession....hold on, title in process...

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