Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Spirit Boats' showing at the Kathleen McMahon Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco

My new series of encaustic work is currently showing at the Kathleen McMahon Fine Art Gallery at 18th and Treat in the Mission District in San Francisco, CA.

I am exploring new avenues and working with different forms. I have 6 of these 4x8" encaustic paintings that slightly resemble a wall sconce. They were challenging to figure out what type of feeling I wanted to portray on this small and unusual space. These 'wall sconces' are very rad and as you can see in the above image they jut out of the wall at an angle. In person they are very engaging, hanging at a slightly higher eye level than normal, the angle of the painting brings you into it, playing with your imagination you might have left at the door.

All of this work incorporates contour line drawing in combination with pigmented bees wax and metallic oil stick, o, yea, and fire.

'Vampire Squid'

'Goggly-eyed Glass Squid'

'Ocean Sunfish I'

'Mako Shark'

'Letting Go I'

'Pirate Ship'

'Wasted Seamonster'

'Ocean Sunfish II'

'Great White'

'Dreaming Boat'

CLOSE UP of 'Dreaming Boat'

'My Anchor'


CLOSE UP of 'Xiphactinus'

Within this body of work there is a 'Letting Go' series. Like many of us in the journey of life there are things, feelings, and people you let go for a variety of reasons. I have been letting go of feelings and notions. Being who you are and not what everyone wants you to be can be a lot easier said than most everything in life, right? Working on this idea and in this series has allowed me to explore thoughts and feelings I had been keeping locked up for some time. For each of you these paintings will mean something different or nothing at all. My hand and yours are releasing those emotions that are built up inside. Letting the ideas fly away with the sea.

'Letting Go II'

'Letting Go III'

'Letting Go VI'

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