Thursday, December 10, 2009

Linking Together

The past few days I have been linking together with a wide variety of art, landscapes, public art, and painters. I recently went to visit LACMA which was inspirational on so many different creative levels. It is always great to see work created by master painters. I was able to see, feel, and stand a few inches away from work of Lee Krasner, Agnes Martin, Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, Helen Frankenthaler, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Braque, Clyfford Still to name just a few. LACMA is currently showing Luis Meléndez. The Hammer Museum at UCLA has a few amazing exhibitions showing right now including Charles Burchfield, and comic artist R. Crumb. I went from Dana Point, to Santa Monica, Culver City, to this gallery and that gallery, ate here, and walked over there. There is so much to see, feel and soak in. There was never a dull moment, even my dreams were full of art, critiquing, questions, and ideas.

So from Los Angeles to San Fransisco back to Carmel Valley on my hill. I stayed warmed and I am still processing all of the art, ideas, colors palettes, people, and sounds I encountered along this journey. When I was back in SF I found myself surrounded by a group of skilled painters.
David Molesky, a tall, social, oil painter who shows his work internationally. He has strong ties to the Monterey County area. David is also a featured artist on Juxtapose. Maja Ruznic who recently has obtained her Masters degree from California College of the Arts (CCA). She will be on her way to Berlin soon for a group showing. Michael Ross an oil painter with a fascination with birds, just recently had a solo exhibition at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church. Nicholas Coley who lays his paint on thick just had a solo showing at the Canessa Gallery in San Francisco's Jackson Square. There we all are, sitting at a picnic table at a SF bar, it was a crisp clear night sky, you could see the stars and hear the beer talking. What fun, what moments.

The new year is rapidly approaching and I can not wait for the changes to come with it!

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