Sunday, January 17, 2010

Painters in San Francisco

This weekend I found myself in the artistically oozing city of San Francisco. I went gallery hoppin' with the painting posse. This group dynamic I have found myself in is supportive, positive, and full of honest critique and feedback about the work. The work of all the artist is so diverse it is always fun to interact with different styles, color palettes, voices, and agendas.

So away we go, with a birthday in the mix the vibe was full of passion and celebration. We were off, first stop was to the group show "ID Redux" at Cain Schulte Gallery. Artist Michael McConnell is showing. I enjoy his color palette and unique subjects he paints. McConnell is quite diverse in his mediums. I found myself a few months back at his open studio in SF and I enjoy his sculpture work just as much as his drawings and paintings. Great work. Other artists showing include: Daniel Ochoa, Kirstine Reiner, and Lars Theuerkauff.

Away we went, down the curvy staircase coated with an orange pathway, note the very exciting handle, that closes the door. It just closes it, it does not open it, I was slightly disappointed. Can't win them all, right?

So a friend opened the door, and away we went onto the streets and onward to the next gallery.

In my flurry of walking the streets of SF, watching people everywhere and noting the color palettes I neglected to get the name of the next gallery. Here is the work, and I will just let it speak for itself.

Well, time to head out and on to the show! Next stop, Space, to the opening of a group figurative showing.

Oil painter, David Molesky has 10 paintings in the show which shows his diverse range of painting styles. This was my first time seeing so much of his work in one showing and it was great to see that timeline in person.

Michael Ross is showing three paintings.

Maja Ruznic's energy and passion for painting is felt when being captivated by her strokes and color palette.

Zina Al-Shukri. I enjoy her use of scale in this series of work. Maja and Zina just got back from a group showing in Berlin. Their work will be up for the rest of the month.

Here are the four artists who all paint at Arbor Studios on Market Street. The show was well attended and there was a diverse selection of art as well.

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