Friday, February 12, 2010

Encaustic Adventure

If there is one thing I am sure of in this life, it is that working with wax is an adventure. I have found wood with an interesting shape. So I gathered the shapes and gave them a new life, a new, waxy life. With an idea in my mind and a heated wok, I went to work. I am a painter however when I meet Encaustic, she opened my mind to new possibilities and showed me the door to imagination. Since I have been working in wax I see objects differently then when I was purely painting with acrylic and water colors. Below are some of the images of the process I am going through with the wax work. Working in form like this is a bit different and I am learning along the way.

I started out with a cake-like shape. I was very eager to just put it all together and once I had most of the pieces attached, you can see that I was not able to fuse the insides as well as I would like to. Looking at those inside, half fused half cared for just didn't sit right within me. I slept on it and thought about the shape and what it wanted from me. What the form wants from me is to be taken care of. So I woke up and with the morning light shining in the studio I took it all apart.

I warmed the parts where all the pieces joined together and detached them. I took each one, like a small child, held it, and cared for it. I ironed each piece and created a new form. I have been wanting a love affair and it seems that this sclupture has taken my fancy. The work is still in progress and I will keep you up to date on my new relationship.

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