Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Busy as a beebot here in and out of the studio. Here are some shots of what has been going on in the studio since I have finished my illustration work with the Oakland Museum of California.

 Above are robot products that were sent to a buyer. Below are two mini paintings! Which you can snag here!

Wow, what a wall! I was drooling when I saw it, my  imagination went wild and robots are crawling all over that all, larger than life! I am working on a mural proposal!

 Above is the famous Jumping Haru! A 6x6in acrylic on canvas! Below are a few shots of the studio.

New prints for you and your loved ones! Below is a piece that is going into a clients home, made especially for the little 10 month old bundle of love!

Walking Robots with their dogbot! I just finished this commission! I loved creating the piece just for her! Now it is in a home that will be loved and cherished forever!

O these are part of my Jollybot product line. Yes, we have magnets, cards, mirrors! Pick yours up today!

And for YOU! Here is a sketch I made last night during dinner. Or shall I say, here are some visitors that came to say hello!

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