Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"I am Quercus" Tunnel Mural

Alright! Well yesterday was a great day and we moved along real well on the mural, considering the down pour that is currently happening. This is keeping all of the painters inside the tunnel area. We basically have everything painted with the first coat. Everyone is doing a great job and has just a sweet, joyful and hard working spirit. I do believe this would be my dream team. Today we will be working on the mural all day and the sculptors will be working on the benches that will also be installed. There is a lot going on in this Community Built Association Conference to keep it basic, we are creating a mural and creating two benches that will be installed in the area.
I really can not say how amazing the people are that I have met in this short time frame. I am so happy to have connected with them, their ideas, and soon their communities! Life is amazing, let's get to know each other and bring the village back!

Above is the mural team for that moment. There are hundreds of people that have worked on this process with Yasko. Below is a view of the tunnel before you go inside. It is time to head back to camp and share ideas thoughts hopes and dreams with everyone and stay toasty by the fire. If anyone would like to paint on this mural we will be there from 9:30 to 4 today.

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