Sunday, May 11, 2014

Doug Ross @ Artisans Gallery. Santa Cruz, CA

O Yes, I am blogging about Doug Ross and the Artisans Gallery again. Why? Well, why not? This past First Friday was fun, for many reasons. Take a look, we went to the MAH and checked out some really amazing art, Santa Cruz Culture, and community connection.

Doug Ross at the Artisans Gallery.

The Nikki McClure exhibition at the MAH is AMAZING! So great to see all of this work, the process and the years of work that are on display.

Here is a list of her favorite music that she listens to as she works.

Cool shadows .

 A very cool mural indeed. One of the parts that I love the most about the MAH is that it is  always changing, there is always something different, something new, something engaging. I really was attracted to this mural, very cool design and color palette. Mural by Zephyr Pfotenhauer.

Planet Ord, really amazing! I was so happy, and sad at the same time to see this exhibition created by Enid Baxter. As a proud OTTER of CSU, Monterey Bay, I lived and was educated on FORT ORD.  This exhibition was close to my heart and the amazing video footage with the stories, are really just amazing. If you get a chance to check out this exhibition please do.

 Back to the Artisans to catch the last wave of community!

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