Monday, July 28, 2008

July Wrapping Up

The past two weekends have been wonderful, I have been in the studio for most of my time. I have been working on a variety of things.

I have begun the second coat on the octopus, and working on their eyes, which, i have figured out finally the direction i want to go with them.

Here is a painting titled, "Sarah's Sea" I am bringing out the older work and getting ready to give it new life, as I cant seem to get enough of acrylic. It has been rather cold over here and the wax isn't heating up like it use to in October. So i will be doing pours and miniature sculptures with the wok for now.

Above is a piece i started not too long ago, however it has a new life already as i need to get this image out on the canvas. See below. This painting is part of a multi medium series i am creating about nesting, it seems to be all around me. I have started my research on nesting for both humans and other animals. This piece is in the first drafting stages.

Stacks and stacks of canvas, never can have enough canvas. it seems, everything in my studio is sea related right now, with the nesting project slowly taking over. I have also been collecting a large amount of kelp, and keep in near my front door step, i enjoy kelp.

Here I am working on texture and form.

This image below is part of my Jelly Series, i have started in acrylics, this is the first stage of blocking in the color and such.

My abstract hand, which i gave new life this past weekend, i will have to show you later. I find in my studio, i just want and need the exploring of color, which drives most of my work. Being able to work with color and have them play off of each other and effect humans in such a way can be every dynamic if done correctly.

Above is a beginning of my mini Jelly series (6x6in). there is Jelly, waiting for two friends to show up.

o, firetrucks, resting after a long day of fighting fire.

Yes, the collecting still continues...Thank god i dont have roommates.

This piece is part of the "Tangled Hearts" Series, this is the largest one of the series (8x8in).
here is another piece, a bit deep red than the others (6x6in).

Here is one of the jellies, that i pretty finished with, I just think this is such a cool jelly. I can see that working with additional mediums has encouraged new thinking when i work with acrylic.

This week, i am going to be working on my blue jelly series in addition to my red jellies and i am going to keep researching on nesting, octopus, and jellies.

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