Wednesday, January 7, 2009

and shes back

Well after, shall I say, living life, i'm back on track with the blog. I've been having such an amazing ride lately. I truly can say how much i love life, and that i am living life more than I ever did before. My work has a new feel to it. There is a fresh and energetic flow to the work. Due to the cold weather here on the coast and an unheated studio, I have veered away from painting downstairs. Most of my time is now full of coffee shops, and random hang outs with other humans. I have talked to more people it seems like in the past 2 months than i have in the last year. Yes, dare i say studiomargo lives on. In all this hustle and bustle of life I am learning how to really just live, stay creative and make money doing the things i do well. It is really interesting looking at my new work. I am not the same painter i was 2 months ago and it shows. I believe this constant interaction i seek out from my fellow humans is a huge part of my process. I am currently creating water colors and exploring relationships within my work. There is something so magical about creating your own reality on a blank canvas, sometimes though the hard thing is putting the brush down and walking away from my painted reality and into this thing called life.

I just recently got back from a wonderous stay on the California coast, below are a few images that i captured. I will say that out of those days i spent there, one of my favorites was waking up and watching the sun rise. There is nothing as magical and mystical as that. It seemed to me that when the sun rose and started to peek over the mountian tops the ocean started to awake. The California coast started to stretch and awaken with the dawning of the sun. But please, dont get me wrong, because I also lusted for the night, so that i can get lost in the stars. I forget how many stars are out there and how human I really am. Looking up into the midnight sky with the glow of the moonlight dancing on my freckled face makes me think of how short my time here on Earth really is. I also feel so alive to be constantly creating art, thinking of our lives as little humans and the decsions we choose to make while alive on planet Earth just moves me.

It is now Janurary, and this means, it is almost Feburary. I am going to be showing in SF and Monterey, and Carmel Valley during the month of Feburary. I will keep you posted as to the dates the opening receptions will be in SF and Monterey. The Wild Heart Gallerie in Carmel Valley is showing my encaustic work full time. I am showing at the Kathleen McMahon Gallery of Fine Art in SF from December to Feburary, which inculdes my small format encaustics and my new water colors that will show in Feb.

The Octopi Collective will be meeting up tonight for thier first 2009 meeting. We are all very excited to talk squid and hopefully stay calm so we dont ink ourselves discussing our new work from the two shows in Feb. The Ocotpi will be showing at East Village Coffee Louge in Monterey the theme for the show is 'Carnal.' This is our one year anniversary of the collective. We will be having a big celebration with all members showing thier newest work created here on the Monterey Peninsula. Showing members include: Paul Van de Carr, J.R. Uretsky, Nic Coury, Michelle Magdalena Maddox, K*, Taylor Hawthorne, and Margo.

Ths images below are just a tease. I will be posting more on my facebook profile where you can find all things studiomargo and then some. Have an awesome Janurary.

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