Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life near Garrapata

The sunny days in Monterey.

With my new found freedom I am exploring all the amazing natural eye candy the Central Coast has to offer. I am, no doubt going through some amazing changes in my life. Turning the big 2-5 has turned out to be the age of learning how to remain calm. Thanks Obama, I have hope. So with all this new found hope, freedom, and creative juices oozing out of every little pour of my youthful body I am finding myself happier and lighter than before. Here are some photographs I took on a hike with a good friend. Moments like this makes me think about the big picture. Enjoy. Im going to be hopping back into the blogging routine. I just relized life doesnt slow down.

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Unknown said...

Cool pics! I love the clover and the lady bug on the purple flower.