Sunday, July 26, 2009

MontereyNOW :: Kevin Miller

Last Thursday, artist, Kevin Miller had an opening reception for the Monterey Now exhibition at the Monterey Museum of Art located on Pacific Street in Monterey, Ca. Kevin Miller showed in the first Octopi Collective showing in Sand City, Ca in 2008. Kevin Miller has astonishing work. He is a paper cutter, some of my favorite work is when he utilizes books and creates such depth with the paper.

Here is Kevin showing the play by play of the creation of his large work to three other artists.

Kevin and Johnny talking about the work.

Here is a shot of Carl Maxey the architect and Markus the novelist at the opening. Markus has published three books and is quite the creative.

CONGRATULATIONS Kevin! Great work and it is always wonderful and exciting to see your fellow peers working hard, staying productive, and showing in museums! Cheers to you Kevin, keep that blade sharp and paper at hand.

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