Monday, August 24, 2009

Sand City's West End Celebration

This was my fourth year participating in the West End Celebration. This was my first year giving encaustic demonstrations. I had a great time talking about the encaustic process with my art gal, Allyson. We are both showing in the Monterey Mattress Company for a while. The first event that kicked off the West End was the Guitars not Guns event where the White Ensemble Album played. This was my first time listening to Beatles music live by amazing musicians. It was, mind blowing. The lights, energy, dancing, singing and the energy all around. Just amazing. After that it was time to gear up for an all day education extravaganza. Below are a few photographs from the event.

West End :: I was in a different spot this year and also giving a demo...

Nick Leonoff : Glass and Yves Goyatton : sculpture

Todd Kruper and his space.

Kris Cowen and his found object sculpture.

Steve and Deirdre dancin' with the music. They put together a great event. Thank you!

Inside Fine Art Base with print maker Marilet.

And on ward to the after party with friends, food, and once again amazing music. I danced all night! I put the camera away so I could dance the night away. If you are ever in town during August this event is a must.

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