Sunday, August 1, 2010

status quo

Things here in California are staying on a roll, on an exciting roll-a-coaster that is.  The last few weeks I have been working on two main projects. Here in the Truckee/Lake Tahoe studio we are working on the Calgary Canada project. This was my first time helping to build a model to study the light. I got to make the little swimmers that go inside the glass tube. I wasn't that excited at the thought of it and wanted to just put little army men inside the tube, but once I started to make the swimmers, I just could not put them down, I even made little bikinis for the ladies.

Making mini sculptures at 3AM.

I tied dental floss to my beautiful ladies and inside the glass tube they went. It was time to observe the way the light reflects off the swimmers.

From Truckee to Los Gatos/Santa Cruz. It was back on the Skyline mural almost ready for installation. Here we are projecting the image of a fresco onto the mural. I have been on this project from the start and I am so excited to see Project Skyline College grow up and get ready to leave the nest!

Here is a color palette photograph for the initial colors for the fresco. I love mixing colors so much. I found a new favorite color, Arylide Yellow! The next few days we will finish Skyline and install it at the college. I can't wait!

O by the way, Happy August 1st!

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