Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To the Drawing Board!

From mural to mural, researching to conceptualizing over the last few months it is time to put the collected images, thoughts and imagination on paper. We are working in about every stage possible in creating public art from starting new projects, initial sketches and ideas, rolling up murals and preparing for installations, shipping paints to the on site location, mid point to final painting and preparing new material for the new projects on the horizon.
I am learning to just roll with it all and stay as calm as possible. Staying up and working until 5:30AM, drawing monkeys and turtles, drinking water and creating interesting dishes to eat in the AM keeps my life, lively.

Below are images of the Pacific Palisades mural, we are creating the final drawing and painting the mini mural.

Below is the meeting in San Bruno at Skyline College. To the left is a to life size template of the mural. The wall is being prepped as I type.

I also played badminton for the first time. I knew if it were anything like tennis, I would have a fun time but I am not that great at land sports and try to stick to the water when I can.

I am always on the look out for interesting looking shapes and colors, I came across this bathroom window at 3AM one night. We took some photographs for fun and called it a night.

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