Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Transitioning and Preparing

I have been back in California for 26 days now. The new mural work is taking me around the world, meeting new communities and artists and swimming in problem solving on an hourly basis.

So, out of the forest I go, from living a life of isolation in the studio to painting side by side with another artist in multiple studios in Northern California. There are 8 murals lined up for painting for the next 10 to 12 months. Lompoc, Truckee,  Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Sacramento, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Pacific Palisades, and Barbados. The two studios are naked and ready for the new stories to unfold. Currently we are in an organizing and preparing mode. We are prepping the non woven media with coats of acrylic that will be seamed together and then taped up onto the wall and ready for painting. I was able to go to Skyline College and get the final shots of the completed mural, the first mural I worked on from cartoon to final mural.


John and artist Don Small from Barbados setting up new roll from QST.

John and I are working on a mural for a Catholic Church in Truckee. They are building a new parish hall and church. The mural we will be creating will have to be removable as the parish hall will be used for the church until the new church is built. This project will be completed in April 2010, right before Easter. Below are images of the progress of the parish hall.

Here is where the wall will be built and the space we are working with. The mural will depict the Blessed Virgin Mary ascending into heaven by the sweet cherubs.

Back to my lists and looking for artists interested in apprenticeships. I will be traveling from Truckee to Santa Cruz, almost weekly at this stage as we start to fill the studio spaces with the new murals. Stay warm!

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