Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chalkin' It Up in Sacramento

This Labor Day weekend I was chalkin' it up in Sacramento for the 21st Annual Chalk It Up event which raises money for children's arts programs in Sacramento county. I was representing which is the go-to website in Sacramento for events all year round. sponsored two squares each with a different artist.

This was my first time creating anything in chalk, since I was a young girl. My first try at it was on a morning news spot in Sacramento at KCRA Channel 3 News. My chalkbot and I accompanied a  youthful band, with the youngest member being 8 years old and the oldest I believe 14, Failed To Resolve, you can listen to them here. Here is a clip of me working in chalk, making, what else, chalkbots (the clip). You will find me about 1 minute into the clip. Below are some photos from the spot.

Onward to the event. Here we are at the registration table where I will receive my t-shirt, bag, Spare the Air pen and lip balm.

Here is my square! I am #8, O how exciting! Let's get to chalkin'!

Above is the end of day one.

The finished Chalkbots! It was a great experience and of course it was fun to hear what people had to say. My favorite response from an on-looker with his children was, O look, love monsters! I love that people young and 'old', left brain and right brain, locals and travelers can all connect to the simple fact that we as humans all want to be loved. Humans want to find a special connection to someone and love them back, to feel like they belong. It is about finding that special bond bringing people together. A young man came up to my square and told me his girlfriend and his favorite colors are orange and purple, and hey, they are in love! Awesome!

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