Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painting Inside San Francisco

I have found the real hang out in San Francisco. The Financial District, during the weekend. I have never been to a part of San Francisco that was so empty before. This past weekend I worked with painter, illustrator, and graphic designer, Pamela Francisco. Yes, Pamela Francisco, in San Francisco! Pamela designed the work you are about to feast your eyes on below for Teachscape. I had such an amazing time helping to create a change in a work space community. This project was all about the masking technique.

There are a total of four walls with the dot pattern. So while one wall was dying it gave us ample time to keep working. From one wall to the next Pamela created a system and away we went. We were in and out, working over the weekend. It was ready Monday morning for the community of Teachscape!

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