Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bringing the Muralists Inside :: Santa Cruz, CA

'Bringing the Muralists Inside' is the title of the current show up at Cruzio located at 877 Cedar Street in Santa Cruz, CA. Cruzio is expanding, as they should, they have a very cool thing going on. They have spaces from rent for people who don't want to work in the house all alone, or in the house with the personal zoo. This space feels great inside and you are close to so many unique business in Santa Cruz.
Marvin Plummer and I are both Graphic Traffic artists and brought our creations from the outside, in.  Known for his animal portraits, Marvin Plummer has also created murals for the City of Santa Cruz. Here is a video of his most recent mural Jazz Alley (here). Marvin has such a wonderful disposition about him, I was so excited when I first learned that I was going to be showing with him at Cruzio. I love his traffic box "Woodrow" located on Laurel. So have some fun and check out the pictures below. For those of you who are in the Central Coast is it worth your time to go check out the Cruzio space and work by two Santa Cruz muralist.

This is the first time I am showing my Bonny Doon series. It is unique for me to show my two very different styles and mediums on the same wall. My Bonny Doon series is opening dialogues of many topics, abstractions being one, but forest fires and communication being a few others. I am able to start to talk about California forest fires with the viewers this night. This Bonny Doon series is created from burnt trees from the Martin Fire in Bonny Doon, which took place about 4 or 5 years ago. Many people tell me that the Bonny Doon paintings looks like braille, I reply with, well I believe the trees are trying to tell you something. Are you going to listen?

Above is my display of my book, postcards, magazine article from Coastal Grower and three of my encaustic paintings with sea glass. Below is an image of one of the musicians, what a wonderful sound, flamenco guitarist!

Margo Mullen and Marvin Plummer at Cruzio in Santa Cruz.

Two viewers looking so closely to my Bonny Doon series. One of my favorite moments is when people walk into the space and they see the robots and then, a huge smile is plastered on their face.

Above I am discussing my Bonny Doon series and telling her about my process. Below I have a 'touch me' piece we are rubbing and smelling and of course, laughing.

This was a successful night. I sold six paintings and my first print. O yes, I have prints now which start at $35.00. It has been a little over a year and a half since my last showing. I can tell I have grown so much as an artist and a women. I think the time away served me well and I am so excited for the future and I am so happy to be a part of Santa Cruz. The show will be up for the month and maybe longer.

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