Sunday, July 24, 2011

Launching Sacramento Style

This was my first year attending Launch in Sacramento, CA. "Launch is a multi-disciplinary audio/visual festival that connects people with art, music, fashion, and design."  I do not believe I have been to anything quite like this. As one of the featured artist (June) on, my work was featured in room M, how appropriate. So, take a peek if you were unable to make it to Launch. This event was exciting and had so many different high quality local goodies to feast my eyes on for several hours. I have been a part of festivals and events, however there was something about taking over a hotel that gave this event a real sense of community, which I love. So whether you were swimmin' in the pool, hoppin' from fashion to fashion or listenin' to the beats, you were able to tour your new community for the night and meet some characters along the way.

Up the stairs we go, to room M.

Rachael and her team from in a room full of art.

Above is the work of Micah Crandall-Bear. Micah is full of energy and a passionate painter. He is currently showing at the Beatnik in Sacramento. Check his work out (here). Micah is also a featured artist of and here is his page (here).

Above is the work of Terrance Martin. Here is his Featured Artist profile on and here is his website. He is also working with  LandC Murals for the Davis Water Tank. LandC are also part of the featured artist group (here).

Wait for it, as the Sun goes to sleep the people come alive in the valley heat.

  The token shot of the robots with their painting friend.

Next up is painter Jeff Musser, who is the January 2011 Featured artist of You can check out his profile page (here) and his website (here). Jeff is quite the fun character and a very disciplined painter.

And that's all folks! For a complete list of the music, fashion, artist, and architecture check out the Launch website and maybe, just maybe you will come next year.

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