Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tracey Adams

A show I could not miss. Here we are in Carmel, CA at the Winfield Gallery for the opening of "Lumenis" new work by Tracey Adams. I will let the photographs tell the story. There was an amazing turnout and red dots. Everyone buzzing about the new work.

"Lumenis, a show of my recent paintings, opens on Saturday, April 13 at Winfield Gallery, Carmel, CA from 5-7 pm. These paintings are about the places where art and music intersect and overlap. All paintings begin as encaustic monotypes and have thin layers of acrylic added to create a luminous surface." - Tracey Adams

 Look who I found, Allyson Sanburn Malek!

Tracey Adams and David Ligare discuss about the work.

 A creative duo, Renee Balducci and Tracey Adams.

As I left the gallery I exploded with happiness from the art and seeing familiar faces. I wish Tracey much success! Thank you for creating the work and putting together such a great showing!

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LynetteH said...

Thank you for this lovely glimpse into Tracey's opening and work. Much appreciated.