Sunday, April 3, 2016

Market Lab : Amanda Katz's 'New Space'

 Here we are, in a new spot in Los Angeles! At Amanda Katz's 'New Space'. This Market Lab intensive brings us together for artful conversation, food, and working together during the whole event. This day was facilitated by Amanda Katz and Tamarind Rossetti. The collaboration of these two artists was magical to be a part of. They are a natural duo, asking insightful questions to have us think more about our practice, as social practice artists.

The front of the space. ^
The back of the space. v

One of my tasks (with a fellow artist) besides splitting peas, was to cut the bread that would be the foundation of the meal.

 After all the delicious food, savory conversations and tangy desserts, the social practicing artists, keepin' it real, cleaned up together. Thank you Katz Deli for a beautiful space to explore what does it mean to collaborative, or co-operate and how to create a space and feel to have the magical happen naturally.

"Materially, collective subjectivities only emerge when the spirit is right, just as, conversely, the spirit only feels right when the spirit feels right when the material conditions in place allow the possibility of a collective subjectivity to emerge.'" -Jan Verwoert, 'Gathering People Like Thoughts'

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