Friday, April 1, 2016

Market Lab : The Bunny House

Adventuring and discovering new parts of Los Angeles through Sara Daleiden's Market Lab. Check out the work she is doing in Los Angeles and Milwaukee :: HERE ::

This beautiful sunny day we traveled to the Bunny House of Raul Paulino Baltazar where we had the opportunity to learn about his work and what he has been working on since graduating Otis College with a MFA in Public Practice. The group of artists gathered around the table and created individual vision boards while we 'talked story'. As we finished up our creations, Teresa Gaytan Flores opened up and taught us about FRES-YOGA, which is a unique yoga experience that educates people about Fresno. After we worked out our FRES-YOGA Flores starts a dialogue about food and experimental quesadilla making. 

It was a beautiful full of creating and sharing.

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