Sunday, June 1, 2008

Living Life

So everything is going well here, and I have been busy as a bee gathering inspiration for upcoming work. Since the Octopi show, i have been indulging in nature, going camping with one of my best friends, Andi. She is an amazing soul and we always have such an awesome time together.
That was Memorial Day weekend, in Truckee. Nice and cold, it even snowed, I dont see the snow very often so this was a nice bone chilling experience that should be kept to a minimum.

This is one of my latest pieces, titled, "Number Nine" It is beeswax, found objects on wood panel. I just love the use of color and that amazingly pressed orchid. After making that peice, i stuck with similar color value and created, "Stuido Storm"

i just love the strips of paper on the left side, interesting colors.

My up coming work will be inspired from labor, the land, and the love of country... i will be researching about farmers and their love of land and why they farm and stay connected with the land.
My love for land has takin me and my friends to Pinnacles National Monument this weekend where we did a six mile hike to a cool cave...that we were unable to explore because we did not bring flash lights. So now we are going to camp soon, bring flashlights, and explore all the land has to offer.

leaves of three, let them be...leave o four, have some more.


Lorpha said...
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Judy Wise said...

Love the colors in the new encaustics; "Studio Storm" is my favorite because I love the sort of interesting disarray of the composition.